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Our values

Theres nothing more valuable than creating something new. Nordlys NTNU is a student technical organisation at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, aiming to drive across Norway completely on Solar energy. Through the project, we wish to set focus on solutions to sustainability, facilitate for multidisciplinary teamwork, and drive a passion for innovation and technology through enthusiasm and dedication.


Nordlys believes that a sustainable society is a prerequisite for a prosperous future. Our generation's way of life should not come at the cost of future generations’ welfare. We support the UNs sustainable development goals, and directly work towards 8 of them.


Teamwork is necessary to achieve change and innovation. To work together in a fellowship will provide inspiration, safety and engagement. Nordlys wishes to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration, comfort in a team-setting and that all team members feel that they are contributing to the project.


Passion signifies that our members are deeply committed to Nordlys’ mission, goals and the tasks they themselves perform. Nordlys’ encourages its members to approach their work with dedication and enthusiasm, and believe that this will be the driving factor in our innovation and problem solving.

Solar Racing

To solve the problems of tomorrow, nothing is more important than thinking new. Solar racing pushes the limit of technology and solar energy innovation through competition. Who can drive the fastest and get to the finish line before running out of energy?

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The road to success and innovation is never straight forward. Our biannual projects are therefore modelled after sound engineering practices to streamline development and limit faults, containing concept development, design development, construction and testing. A lot of testing.

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