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Push the limits of technology with the first ever solar racing team from Norway.


We aim to become the best solar racing team in the world.


Our first competition will be the Brigdestone World Solar Challenge 2025.


Our long term goal is to drive the length of Norway only on solar power.

The impact of creating

Theres nothing more valuable than creating something new. Through developing solar powered cars and competing in some of the worlds biggest solar racing competitions, Nordlys NTNU aims to educate the best engineers in Norway, and showcase optimism and innovation in a world in dire need of sustainable energies.

About us

Hans and Wilhelm

This past year we have already begun laying the groundworks for Nordlys. Two students of power electronics has written their project and master's theses on the car. Hans has been looking into the choice of motor for the car, a motor system that needs to be both lightweight, fast and energy efficient. Wilhelm has developed a model of the electrical system of the car, simulating the car's expected speed. Now it's time to really delve into the project and the development of the car. Are you with us?

Solar Technology

One of the many contributers to solving global warming, is the increased usage of solar technology. The sun emits immense amounts of energy, free of charge. Finding innovative ways to use solar energy, such as in homes, on infrastructure, or even in cars, is key to move towards a sustainable future.

About us

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